Acanthus Leaf Designs in Home Décor

acanthus leaf bowlUsing Acanthus leaf designs in home décor can help lend an air of mystery and classical beauty to any room. The acanthus plant found in the Mediterranean has been used as part of the décor of Corinthian columns. You will also find the acanthus motif used in art due largely to its place in history. From so simple a beginning as an herbal plant, its artistic beauty is found in the delicate leaf design. You see depth and dimension whenever and wherever the acanthus leaf is used.

Even though when most think of the acanthus leaf they think of columns and paintings it is not difficult to find it used in pottery and glass as well. Bosworth Interiors Inc. has a gorgeous acanthus leaf bowl that is absolutely graceful and charming. This specific piece works well either as a center piece for a beautiful table or alone as a wonderful piece of art work. It has been hand painted in aged European finish truly showing the grace that using acanthus leaf designs in your home décor brings.

Acanthus Leaf Designs Through The Years

Acanthus leaf designs have been used throughout history not only in architecture but in furniture as well. For example the acanthus leaf carvings were used on an antique Hepplewhite side chair as well as antique side boards. There are many such examples of this specific design being utilized through carvings in pieces of furniture to add a classical touch to great designs.

So great was the love for Greek architecture that this pattern was seen in 1875 William Morris wallpaper which featured an acanthus leaf design. The Acanthus leaf design continues to be popular even today and can still be seen in many different aspects of home décor. Finding great pieces of pottery is an excellent method of bringing this artful aspect into your home.

Acanthus leaf designs in home décor will not readily go out of style. It has been in use for centuries in one form or another and will continue to be a part of architecture, art, and furniture. Such pieces that you invest in today will continue to bring joy and love for many years to your home. These are pieces that can be passed down through the generations continuing the love of this wonderful design.

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