Victorian Birdcages For Your Charlotte Home Décor

Victorian birdcage - Charlotte interior design and decorVictorian birdcages bring nostalgia and grace when added to your home décor. During the Victorian time period bird cages could often be found in homes. They were used not only for birds but as decorative ornamentation in gardens as well. For a time use of these birdcages was lost to the realm of home décor, but are now back in trend. They are used not only in home décor, gardens, and offices but in wedding décor as well.

Most of the birdcages from the Victorian period were shaped in a pagoda style Read more »

Adding a Touch of the Orient to Your Interior Design

Orient Mystery and Beauty Awaits

Taste of the Orient - Kowloon Bombe Chest - Bosworth Interiors IncWant to add a touch of the Orient to your interior design? It can be as simple as adding just the right pieces of furniture to help add that feel of mystery and adventure to your home. With the perfect piece you can draw the eye of a visitor or you can just enjoy the look that adding a touch of the Orient creates. Such pieces work well in home or office designs without having to over spend to get that great look. Read more »

Acanthus Leaf Designs in Home Décor

acanthus leaf bowlUsing Acanthus leaf designs in home décor can help lend an air of mystery and classical beauty to any room. The acanthus plant found in the Mediterranean has been used as part of the décor of Corinthian columns. You will also find the acanthus motif used in art due largely to its place in history. From so simple a beginning as an herbal plant, its artistic beauty is found in the delicate leaf design. You see depth and dimension whenever and wherever the acanthus leaf is used. Read more »

Adding Glass – Interior Design

Adding Glass - Crackling glass tomato - Bosworth InteriorsAdding glass to your interior design adds beauty and a touch of enchantment to your home. The sensual captivating use of wonderful glass pieces in your décor draws the eye and adds interest to any room. Most people think of colorful glass which is beautiful but don’t forget the use of clear faceted glass as well. Read more »

Using Accessories to Bring a Room to Life

Warwick Bowfront Chest - Bosworth Interiors IncUsing accessories to bring a room to life is something that has been done throughout the ages in homes around the world. The items that you choose for your décor can be of a personal nature, artistic, floral, or collectables. Items such as antique heirloom pieces are often use to project a sense of history whether of family, culture or era. Any of these items can be used to create an atmosphere that you find pleasing and comfortable or to showcase special pieces.

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