Victorian Birdcages For Your Charlotte Home Décor

Victorian birdcage - Charlotte interior design and decorVictorian birdcages bring nostalgia and grace when added to your home décor. During the Victorian time period bird cages could often be found in homes. They were used not only for birds but as decorative ornamentation in gardens as well. For a time use of these birdcages was lost to the realm of home décor, but are now back in trend. They are used not only in home décor, gardens, and offices but in wedding décor as well.

Most of the birdcages from the Victorian period were shaped in a pagoda style of with many graceful turns and angles making them very pleasing to the eye. Bosworth Interiors has just one such beautiful heavy antique on solid brass birdcage, that can be used to grace your home. Whether you use it for indoor use or outdoor you and all who view it will love the feel that it adds to the space you choose to display it.

Victorian Birdcage Uses

Hanging or sitting on a table, a beautiful Victorian birdcage gives the perfect touch to any room in your home. A charming bird can add the perfect touch to enhance the birdcage if you are so inclined. It also works well with lots of greenery and floras to give it a further antique turn of the century feel.

Not only are these birdcages being used again in home décor but they make an exceptionally nostalgic piece to add to wedding décor. Use small ones on tables with a touch of greenery or candles. Another use for these is as a center piece for the main table at the reception. Some are also using them for weddings as a card holder.

The charm is unbelievable, and the uses that you will find for your Victorian birdcage can be numerous. Using a birdcage as a focal point in a room makes an exceptional statement of elegance and of slower times past. You can even add a birdcage such as this to give those who are waiting or visiting your office a sense of peace and tranquility.

Go ahead and enjoy a beautiful Victorian Birdcage today and have others want to know where you found such a unique and wonderful piece for your home. You can add to the birdcage as much as you want or leave it in its natural state sitting on a beautiful table to help achieve the look you desire.

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