Adding a Touch of the Orient to Your Interior Design

Orient Mystery and Beauty Awaits

Taste of the Orient - Kowloon Bombe Chest - Bosworth Interiors IncWant to add a touch of the Orient to your interior design? It can be as simple as adding just the right pieces of furniture to help add that feel of mystery and adventure to your home. With the perfect piece you can draw the eye of a visitor or you can just enjoy the look that adding a touch of the Orient creates. Such pieces work well in home or office designs without having to over spend to get that great look.

One way to add a touch of the Orient to your interior is through the addition of a piece like the Kowloon hand painted Bombe chest. An Oriental themed chest like this is great for an entrance, bedroom, living room or office. Kowloon is on the peninsula just north of Hong Kong, and if you have ever visited there you can feel the pull of its history. The name Kowloon means “nine dragons” in Cantonese. This is not a typical place for tourist to go, but it has more of the old world flavor with a multitude of shops and is one of the most populated areas.

The Kowloon Bombe chest is blackish brown in color which you may note is common with much of the oriental furniture giving it a more historic feel. This particular chest is perfectly sized to fit in most any place. This chest will draw attention to its gorgeous curves and stunning grace. The beautiful hand painted scenes on the two front draws gives you the feel of stepping back into a more graceful era. The gold detail on the edges as well as the floral pattern outside of the drawer area adds to the beauty of this piece as well. You can truly see the natural and historical influences that are an integral part of this piece.

Adding a touch of the Orient to your home or office is not difficult. With the use of a piece or two of furniture and/or decorative pieces you can infuse your interior with peace and joy that comes with this type of décor. It doesn’t take a multitude of pieces to fill your interior to give it that special quality. Take the time to look at this wonderful piece of furniture for your interior today.

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